YMCA Munich

Landwehrstr. 13
D-80336 München

Tel.: +4989 552141-0


Information Videos of our technical Equipment

Air Condition

  • Which temperatures can I adjust?
  • Which fan strength is recommended?
  • What do I have to consider concerning heating and windows?

Locking System

  • How can I open the door with my key card?
  • Can I enter after 12 p.m.?
  • How can I leave the hotel before
    7 a.m.?

Cupboard Locks

  • How can I lock my valuables in the cupboard?
  • Where can I buy a padlock?

Room Electrics

  • How does the bedlight with the USB sockets work?
  • What are the motion detectors for?
  • When do the smoke alarms react?
  • Which light switches can I use?