YMCA Munich

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Rooms and prices

If you wish to contact us personally, just send us an email to the Student House, or call us on +49 (0)89 121 567.

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middle sized room
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Flat charge
(holiday letting)
Price 222,00 € 241,00 € 296,00 € 329,00 € 40,00 € 40,00 €


All rooms in the John-Mott-Haus are single rooms.  There are four different room sizes.  These are different in size, facilities, and cost.  All rooms have washing facilities, with a hand basin, hot water, and a large mirror.  As well as this, everyone living in the student house has the following basic furnishings:

- Bed (normal or cabin-bed, your choice), clothes cupboard, bookshelf, desk, chair, and wardrobe.
- Rooms larger than 16m2 have in addition a seating area, comprising a small round table and two chairs.


The Garden
In the garden of the John-Mott-House is a lot of space for BBQ, relaxing, slacklining, studying and good discussions.

Sports hall
The gym is
equipped with multi-purpose field,
soccer goals, basketball baskets, climbing wall, gymnastics equipment, soft floor mats and music system.

Further Information

The John-Mott-House offers it's students a broadband Internet access.
This doesn't cause any additional costs to the rent.

Hall Committee
Once a semester and hall-speakers and tutors are chosen.
They agreed to help you with any kind of questions or problems around the house.