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Theo-Prosel-Weg 16
80797 München

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When you live in the John-Mott-Haus, you get much more than just your own room...

4 floors, 16 nations, 67 rooms: this is the student accommodation for young men in the middle of Munich. Having different cultures and nationalities living side-by-side widens one’s horizons: you could find yourself chatting about almost anything here - about faith and society for example. Problems are solved together and new friendships are established.

Communal life
Living in community is a challenge, so we want to promote and practise a friendly and respectful way of life in the John-Mott-Haus.  

The John-Mott-Haus is owned and maintained by the Young Men’s Christian Association of Munich.  We want to promote intercultural exchange and offer students a place where they can feel at home.

Recreational space, clean facilities, sport

Kitchens, showers and WCs are at the students’ disposal on each floor, and are shared communally by the floor’s inhabitants. 
There are also two balconies and a living room with a dining table on every floor. 
In the cellar the House has two washing machines as well as a tumble drier. 
The newly-equipped sports hall can also be used at certain times. 
The large and tranquil garden is also at the students’ disposal.

The John-Mott-Haus
The Children’s and Youth work of the YMCA takes place just next to the student accommodation, and the Youth Centre at Theo-Prosel-Weg 16 can also be found here.  

Good neighbourhood spirit
We nurture a good community feeling with our neighbours, so respectful behaviour in the House and the area around it is important.  

Sports hall
The YMCA’s sports hall can be used on agreement with the proprietors.

Communal space
Each floor has a communal kitchen, bathroom, and living room.  Here you can spend time chatting and exchanging ideas and opinions  about culture, society, and leisure.

Our location

Our location
The John-Mott-Haus is situated in an ideal location for students at the Fachhochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München (University of Applied Sciences) or the Ludwig-Maximilian University.

Theo-Prosel-Weg 16
80797 München
Tel: 089 121567-0
e-mail:student house
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