YMCA Munich

Landwehrstr. 13
D-80336 München

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The Munich YMCA

What we want - what we do - who is involved - what is our motivation

Serving People

The Young Men’s Christian Association of Munich (YMCA) was founded in 1886. The YMCA Triangle has always been used as a symbol for body, mind and spirit.  The work of the YMCA serves the human being as a whole.

Every week children, youth, young adults, married couples, families, singles and elderly people meet in numerous groups and events. We offer a great variety of activities, e.g.:

  • bible study groups
  • alpha courses
  • sport activities
  • seminars for married couples
  • camps in spring, summer and winter
  • educational trips
  • school projects
  • bistro and cafeteria

Working with and for young people is essential. More than 30 youth clubs give boys and girls of different age groups the opportunity to play, exercise, be creative, have fun together, learn, grow in their character and personality. All year round, there are youth events, weekends away and camps.

Voluntary Service

Based on the Gospel the Munich YMCA encourages Voluntary Service and civic engagement. More than 600 volunteers and a team of full-time staff are committed to projects in the city centre as well as in many districts and suburban areas of Munich.

YMCA Worldwide

The Munich YMCA is associated with other YMCAs in Latin America, North America, Africa and Asia. International meetings and joint projects are organized and conducted by the Munich YMCA, such as programs with the YMCA Peru in the poverty-stricken areas of Lima.


The PARIS BASIS of 1855 describes the focus of the work of the YMCA – its mission:

“The young Men’s Christian Associations seek to unite those young men who, according to the Holy Scriptures, recognize Jesus Christ as their God and Savior, and desire to be his disciples in their faith and in their life, growing the Kingdom of God among young men.”

Open to everyone

Today, more than 600 volunteers as well as a team of full-time employees work together within the city of Munich, as well as in several areas outside of the city. Everyone is welcome to join the programs and activities: boys and girls, men and women, regardless of ethnicity, sex, age, colour, or national origin.


Munich YMCA is a founding member of the Protestant Youth in Bavaria and a member of the Syndicate for Protestant Adult Education in Bavaria. It closely cooperates with protestant, catholic and independent churches and Christian communities. Munich YMCA is engaged with “Together for Europe” Movements and Christian Communities. It is also a member of the “Evangelical Alliance”. Munich YMCA is involved in an inner city ministry linked to the Lutheran church “St. Matthews”.

Cooperation, partnership, affiliation

With the Matthaeusdienste and their Sunday evening service (St. Matthaeus, Muenchen), we work together with the Protestant church in Bavaria.

Membership of other associations
We are part of the Protestant Youth in Bavaria (Evangelischen Jugend in Bayern) and a member of the Association for Protestant Growth in Bavaria (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Evangelische Erwachsenenbildung in Bayern).

We work in partnership with the city of Munich, for example in our Youth Centres and in the Open All-Day-School.

Kreisjungendring Muenchen-Stadt
YMCA Munich is a founding member of the Kreisjugendring München-Stadt (youth work in Munich) and we work closely with them.