YMCA Munich
Erhard Pietsch

Landwehrstr. 13
D-80336 München

Tel.: +49 89 552141-51
e-mail: Erhard Pietsch


Membership in Munich YMCA e.V.

By becoming a member of the YMCA Munich you enter a sign of solidarity. You are supporting the work of the YMCA Munich. At the same time you help people who are behind the various prpgrams to do their job.
You "belong" to us, you are promoting the work of the YMCA in Munich and at the same time still have several benefits.

As a member

   • You will receive free publications.
   • You don't pay the "non-members-fee" when travelling with the Munich YMCA.
   • You are insured with these trips and events for accidents.
   • You and individual guests who book on your placement receive in our youth hostel a discount of 10%.

What are the costs for a membership?
Couples, Families incl.
children up to 17 years
50,00 €
Grown ups, single parenting moms and dads incl. children up to 17 years40,00 €
Special groups20,00 €
Adolescents (16-17 years)20,00 €
Children and teenagers (6-15 years)10,00 €

Special groups are

students, trainees, unemployed, people with disabilities.

Payment of the membership fee

If you have authorized us to collect the contributions, they are deducted annually at the beginning of the year. If you change your bank account, please inform us to avoid unnecessary costs.
If you transfer the membership fee itself, this needs to be done to 01.01. for the year.

Here isour detailed "Invitation to membership" including registrationcard

Become a member online.