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International work and network

The Munich YMCA is part of the international YMCA movement. This is the world's largest youth organization with 45 million members in 125 countries. It is an extensive network of relationships exists in all continents. The Munich YMCA works with in a global association of the largest city-YMCA. He is currently involved particularly in Zambia, India and Colombia.

Map: Connected YMCA of Munich YMCA

International corporation and networks

World Urban Network
Das World Urban Network ist ein Zusammenschluss von insgesamt mehr als 100 CEOs der weltweit größten Stadt YMCA's.

Together for Europe
The Munich YMCA is part of the ‘Together for Europe?’ movement. mehr...

The Mission Conference remembers the European YMCA to their Christian values. more...

In coordination with the YMCA General Association young man or women can volunteer in one of our partner YMCA (for 3-12 months) more...


Joachim Schmutz

Tel.: 089 552141-13

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