YMCA Munich

Landwehrstr. 13
D-80336 München

Tel.: +4989 552141-0


F.A.Q. - Frequently ask questions

How do you finance your work?

Our facilities such as the youth hotel, dormitory and our Holiday farm are financed by the participants and guests. Our work with children, adolescents and adults is dependent on the support through donations. In addition, we regularly receive, as a recognized youth organization, grants from the City of Munich and to a lesser extent from the Protestant church of Bayaria.

How it your common public interest justified?

The profit is in the fact that the YMCA in accordance with its statute pursues charitable causes. Every year this is confirmed by the tax office. Causes are: religion, youth and the elderly work, student aid, protection of marriage and family.

Why are you doing this?

Faith in God and his mission of charity motivate us on our commitment to people of all ages.