YMCA Munich
Johannes Lämmer

Landwehrstr. 13
D-80336 München

Tel.: +49 89 552141-54
E-Mail: Johannes Lämmer


Donations and Finance in Munich YMCA

Without your donations would be the work of the YMCA Munich unthinkable. Therefore we are very happy for any donation. Once or periodically. Please transfer donations to the following account:

HypoVereinsbank München

IBAN: DE67 7002 0270 0000 5043 05,    BIC: HYVEDEMMXXX

Account number: 504 305,   Bank code: 700 202 70

Evangelische Bank

IBAN: DE84 5206 0410 0003 4022 23,     BIC: GENODEF1EK1

Account number 340 22 23, Bank code 520 604 10

The YMCA Munich is strong involved in Congress and the public Outdoor Rally of “Together for Europe” in Munich, June 30th to July 2nd 2016. Both events are organized by a numerous Communities and Movements of various Churches.

If you want to donate please transfer to:

Donate for "Together for Europe"

CVJM München
Evangelische Bank
IBAN: DE75 5206 0410 0203 4022 23,     BIC: GENODEF1EK1

The Outcome

What have you achieved?
Through your donations we were able to cover the expenditure of the program area in large part. A big thank you to all supporters.

Donation Receipt
In February of the following year you get unasked a receipt for all your donations of the expired year. If you should need the receipt earlier, we would ask you to give us a note.
As CVJM Munich is approved as non-profit association you can lessen your burden of taxes in Germany.

What else can you do?

The Internet shopping and the YMCA to do good?
We established a link in donor-education-website. So you can shop at about 1300 shops. With every purchase from the link receives the Munich YMCA a grant from the respective shop.
The link to education-donor-website.

Another form of regular and even moral support, is to become a member. The membership fee is between 10 and 50 Euro per year. For more information and benefits you read here...